THE OSCHOLARS Library has been created to republish articles and essays from out-of-print collections and from journals to which perhaps only those with access to a university or national library can find. This is part of our task of ‘rescuing’ articles and essays that to-day are not generally accessible.  Even if in certain cases these have been superseded by or incorporated into later studies, they have a value in charting the development of what is now called the ‘Wilde industry’.  While doubting the value of the term, we can at least pay tribute to our predecessors’ industriousness.

The articles are reproduced with kind permission, where possible, and remain in the author’s copyright or that of the author’s estate when copyright is still running.  Any infringement of copyright by THE OSCHOLARS is unwitting and if our attention is drawn to it, will be corrected.  The authors’ names in bold are those with whom we are in touch, and we will pass on any inquiries.

Date and place of original publication are given in each case, with some biographical information about the author. In some instances, the author has very kindly made alterations, corrections or additions.  Some of the articles are in Portable Document Format (.pdf) and in these cases the biographical or other additional material is given on a separate page, which can be reached by clicking here.

For purposes of scholarly citation, readers are referred to the print version as the pagination of the originals cannot always be followed except in the .pdf reproductions.

New articles are added regularly, announced in THE OSCHOLARS and in our discussion forum.  We are also compiling a guide to articles that first appeared in print in learned journals and can now be found on line.  These will be listed on the page (linked below) called ‘In Other Bookcases’. Immediately below that is a link to the articles, essays and abstracts that we have published under the rubric ‘May I Say Nothing., and are not to be found elsewhere.

This page was redesigned in October 2010, when the number of articles in place reached one hundred.  The table below has been added, and clicking on the subject titles will take you to their places in the main Table of Contents.  Alternatively, scroll down.



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Pascale Amiot

Oscar Wilde De Profundis.

Arnold Bennett

Suppressions in De Profundis.

D. C. Rose

Robert Ross's edition of De Profundis.


Felicia Bonaparte

The (Fai)Lure of the Aesthetic Ideal and the (Re)Formation of Art: The Medieval Paradigm that Frames The Picture of Dorian Gray

Donald R. Dickson

‘In a mirror that Mirrors the Soul’ : Masks and Mirrors in Dorian Gray.

Rita Felski

The Counterdiscourse of the Feminine in Three Texts by Wilde, Huysmans, and Sacher-Masoch.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Isabel Fraile Murlanch

Taking risks: A reading of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

Michael Patrick Gillespie

'What's in a Name?': Representing The Picture of Dorian Gray.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Michael Patrick Gillespie

Ethics and Aesthetics in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Michael Patrick Gillespie

Picturing Dorian Gray: Resistant Readings in Wilde's Novel
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Elana Gomel

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the (Un)Death of the Author
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Judith Halberstam

Gothic Surface, Gothic Depth: The Subject of Secrecy in Stevenson and Wilde
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Michael Molino

Narrator/Voice in The Picture of Dorian Gray: A Question of Consistency, Control and Perspective

Isobel Murray

The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Charles C. Nickerson

Vivian Grey and Dorian Gray.

Annie Ramel

The Picture of Dorian Gray : la passion du réel/la passion du semblant

Nancy Jane Tyson

Caliban in a Glass: Autoscopic Vision in the Picture of Dorian Gray.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Shelton Waldrep

The Aesthetic Realism of Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Kenneth Womack

‘Withered, Wrinkled, and Loathsome of Visage’: Reading the Ethics of the Soul and the Late-Victorian Gothic in Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

THE HAPPY PRINCE and other stories

Deborah Bridle

Reconnaissance et rejet : jeux de miroir dans ‘The Birthday of the Infanta’, d’Oscar Wilde

Naomi Wood

Paterian aesthetics, pederasty, and Oscar Wilde's fairy tales.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Marie-Noëlle Zeender

« Le pêcheur et son âme »: conte emblématique d'Oscar Wilde


Eibhear Walshe

An Ideal Husband


Jeremy Barris

The Formal Structure of Metaphysics and The Importance of Being Earnest

Patricia F Behrendt

Oscar Wilde: Savage Paradox

Michael Patrick Gillespie

From Beau Brummell to Lady Bracknell, Reviewing the Dandy in The Importance of being Earnest
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Michael Patrick Gillespie

Oscar Wilde and the Fabrication of an Irish Identity
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Joseph Loewenstein

Oscar Wilde and the Evasion of Principle

Cary M. Mazer

Wilde, Society, and Society Drama

Adrian Pablé

The importance of re-naming Ernest?
Italian Translations of Oscar Wilde (Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Alexis Tadié

‘An age of surfaces’ : le langage de la comédie dans The Importance of Being Earnest d'Oscar Wilde.


Megan Becker-Leckrone

Wilde's Appreciations: Plagiarism, Citation, and Aesthetic Communities.

Cristina Pascual Aransáez

A Comparative Study of Two Extreme Versions of Subjectivist Criticism: Oscar Wilde’s Intentions and Anatole France’s La Vie Littéraire.


Rita Severi

La Sainte Courtisane by Oscar Wilde. Dramatic Oxymoron and Saintly Pursuits.


Charles Musser

The Hidden and the Unspeakable: On Theatrical Culture, Oscar Wilde and Ernst Lubitsch’s Lady Windermere’s Fan
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Lord arthur savile’s crime

Albert Savine

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime [in French]

Albert Savine

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime [in English]


Anja Müller

White Symphonies with Red Spots: Colour and the Representation of Women in Four Poems by Oscar Wilde.

Robert Ross

Wilde's Selected Poems


Pascale Amiot

Salomé sur le Pont des Arts (1ere partie).

Pascale Amiot

Salomé sur le Pont des Arts (2e partie).

Megan Becker-Leckrone

Salome: The Fetishization of a Textual Corpus

Annie Bisang

Staging Salomé

Peter Cogman

Wilde’s Salomé: Tenses, Tension and Progression in Salomé’s Final Monologue

Katherina Filips-Juswigg

Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita and Oscar Wilde's Salomé: Motif-Patterns and Allusions

Atsuko Ogane

Du mythe solaire au mythe lunaire: d’Hérodias de Flaubert à Salomé d’Oscar Wilde.

John Paul Riquelme

Shalom / Solomon / Salome: Modernism & Wilde’s Æsthetic Politics.
(Please note: this is a large .pdf file)

Helen Tookey

'The Fiend That Smites with a Look': the Monstrous/Menstruous Woman and the Danger of the Gaze in Oscar Wilde's Salomé.

Linda Pui-ling Wong

The Initial Reception of Oscar Wilde in Modern China: With Special Reference to Salome.

Linda Zatlin

Wilde, Beardsley, and the Making of Salome


Alwyn Edgar

The Soul of Man under Socialism

J.C. Powys

The Soul of Man under Socialism

Robert Ross

A Superfluous Note of Explanation


Ruth Robbins

'Judas always writes the biography’: The Many Lives of Oscar Wilde


John A. Bertolini

Wilde and Shakespeare in Shaw's You Never Can Tell.

Elisa Bizzotto

I discepoli pateriani: Vernon Lee e Oscar Wilde.

Elisa Bizzotto

The Legend of the Returning Gods in Pater and Wilde

Seweryn Chomet / Joe Duncan

Count de Mauny

Lord Alfred Douglas

Une Introduction à mes poèmes, avec quelques considérations sur l'affaire Oscar Wilde

Robert Fraser

The Lamp of Artifice: Proust, Darwin and Wilde

Ernest La Jeunesse

Oscar Wilde

Hugues Lebailly

Mirages d'Eldorado : Les illusions perdues de Woolner, Whistler et Wilde

Julian Maclaren-Ross

John Ross and Oscar Wilde

Regina Bollhalder Mayer

L’amour des esthètes: Rachilde, Wilde et Gide

Kevin O'Brien

Robert Harborough Sherard.

Ernest Raynaud

Wilde dans la mêlée symboliste

D.C. Rose

B. de Sales La Terrière: Magdalen College and Oscar Wilde.

Robert Ross

In Memoriam Oscar Wilde.

Richard Ruppel

Joseph Conrad and the Ghost of Oscar Wilde.

Rita Severi

Ouida: Wilde’s lionne and ‘The Woman’s World’

Laurent Tailhade

Wilde chez Mallarmé

Rhys W. Williams

'Ich rechne vor allen anderen von jetzt ab vor allem auf Sie': the unpublished correspondence between Carl Sternheim and his English translator B. J. Morse


Pascal Aquien

Le dandy et le langage

Anna Gruskova

Leichtsinniger Melancholiker, Ein Beitrag zur Typologie des mitteleuropäischen Dandys.


Jeremy Barris

Oscar Wilde's Artificiality and the Logic of Genuine Pluralism. (Please note: this is a pdf file)

Megan Becker-Leckrone

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900): Aesthetics and Criticism

J. Charbonnier

L'intellectualisme d'Oscar Wilde

Richard Dellamora

Bataille/ Wilde: An Economic and Aesthetic Genealogy of the Gift

Christian Jambet

Pour un Portrait de Sebastian Melmoth, Part I.

James Swafford

When Art and Morality Collide: From Rossetti to Wilde.

Florina Tufescu

Is Oscar Wilde a Plagiarist? Four Answers and a Biased Opinion

A.B. Walkley

Sincerity and Style

Joachim Zelter

Critical Fallibilism in Oscar Wilde: Karl Popper anticipated?


Gyles Brandreth

Oscar Wilde and The Ring of Death

C. Robert Holloway

The Unauthorized Letters of Oscar Wilde

Nevin Yildirim Koyuncu

Re-writing and Mystifying Wilde’s ‘Art for Art’s Sake:’ Tom Stoppard’s Travesties.

Edward Lam

The Happy Prince (a play script).

Christopher S. Nassaar

Earnest Revisited (extracts). (Please note: this is a .pdf file)

Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Marita Vermeulen

Living with Uncertainty, an Interview with Floortje Zwigtman.
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)


Megan Becker-Leckrone

Misremembering Wilde: Oscar Wilde, His Critical Legacy, and His Critics

Sven-Johan Spånberg

Representations of Oscar Wilde in Recent Drama

WILDE and the LAW

Greg Robinson

L’expression de l’indicible, les procès d’Oscar Wilde dans la presse New-Yorkaise et Montréalaise


Ashley Robins

Oscar Wilde's Terminal Illness: Re-appraisal after a Century
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)


Erica Scettro

Oscar Wilde's Musical References
(Please note: this is a .pdf file)


Emily Eells

Oscar Wilde et le Genre Interartistique du Troisième Sexe.

Marc-André Raffalovich

L'affaire Oscar Wilde.

Éibhear Walshe

The First Gay Irishman? Ireland and the Wilde Trials.


Patricia Belier

Oscar Wilde in Fredericton.

Samuel Lyndon Gladden

‘Sebastian Melmoth’: Wilde's Parisian Exile as the Spectacle of Sexual, Textual Revolution.

Patrick Sammon

Oscar Wilde and Greece


Marjorie Howes

Tears and Blood: Lady Wilde and the Emergence of Irish Cultural Nationalism.

Christine Kinealy

‘The Stranger's Scoffing’. Speranza, the Hope of the Irish Nation.


Emmanuel Vernadakis

'Les Noms comptent plus que tout !': Secret, provocation et constructions identitaires dans l’œuvre d'Oscar Wilde

In Other Bookcases

In Other Bookcases II

Essays, articles and abstracts first published in THE OSCHOLARS as 'May I Say Nothing?'

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