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Welcome to the OSCHOLARS, a website created in February 2007 for a group of journals and webpages devoted to exploring the literature and arts of the fin-de-siècle. Clicking the icons will take you to the home page of each. Some pre-February 2007 issues of THE OSCHOLARS can still be found on our former site, www.irishdiaspora.net; but everything we have published since the end of January 2007 is now here exclusively, along with much of the earlier material. The rest will follow. This hub page is revised as the site develops. All inquiries should be addressed to oscholars@gmail.com.


the Oscholars
Rue des beaux Arts

Rue des beaux Arts
The Eighth Lamp

The Sibyl

the sibyl


George Moore
edited by D. C. Rose, concentrating on Oscar Wilde and his worlds
edited by Danielle Guérin for the Société Oscar Wilde
John Ruskin -
Anuradha Chatterjee
Vernon Lee -
Sophie Geoffroy
George Bernard Shaw -
Barbara Pfeifer
George Moore -
Mark Llewellyn

The Michaelian

the michaelian
Oscar Illustrated

Oscar Illustrated
Art, craft and design at the fin-de-siècle – Editor: D.C. Rose
The New Woman – Editor: Petra Dierkes-Thrun
A Journal of Turn-of-the-Century Theatre – Editors: Helena Gurfinkel & Michelle Paull
Michael Field – Editors: Sharon Bickle & Michelle Lee
Graphically transformed by Patrick Chambon and Dan Pearce
Ravenna - Editors Luca Caddia and Elisa Bizzotto

Combined tables of contents of all our Journals


Oscholars.com is very pleased to have been the official website for the conference ‘The Reception of Oscar Wilde in Europe’, Trinity College, Oxford 8th/9th March 2008. The pages we created have been kept in being and are updated when necessary. For all details, please click –>


The publisher is Rivendale Press, which specialises in books on the Victorian period.
Steven Halliwell is webmaster.

Rivendale Press

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All our journals are served by a discussion forum which also functions as a ‘Letters to the Editor’ section. This is also used for posting announcements and readers are strongly recommended to sign up. It can be reached by clicking its icon. There is a short registration procedure, as with all such groups. This forum will also serve for posting notice of events that occur between issues of the journals, Calls for Papers, broadcasts and so on


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