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THE OSCHOLARS was made possible initially by the Jim O'Beirne Memorial Bursary at The Centre for Irish Studies, Department of English, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2001/2 and 2002/3. Volume III Nos 1-7 were greatly assisted by facilities provided by The Liberty Hall Centre for the Performing Arts, Dublin. Volume III No 8 was greatly assisted by on-line facilities provided by Lake Farm Llamas Ltd., Devonshire. Volume III Nos 9 and 10 were greatly assisted by on-line facilities provided by Dr (now Professor) David Margolies. From October 2003 circumstances made suspension of publication necessary. In January 2006 the task was undertaken of re-transcribing all issues for publication at (courtesy of Mr Patrick O’Sullivan). This was completed in October 2006 and new editions were issued on that site in October 2006, December 2006 and January 2007. Changes in the way that the server was managed brought forward the need to re-establish THE OSCHOLARS and its off-shoots on its own site, and with the very substantial help of Mr Steven Halliwell of The Rivendale Press, work began on the creation of in February 2007. Without the generosity of Mr O’Sullivan, it is probable that THE OSCHOLARS would never have been revived; without that of Mr Halliwell, that it would never have been able to develop into a fully functional website.